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Picture of a young man in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

In these pictures from India you can see how Kristian Bertel has photographed India. Pictures that range from imaginative portraits to stunning landscapes, picturing his most memorable travel moments from his journeys to India.

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Some of the collection of pictures from India that are photographed by the photographer can be seen in this blog post. Travel photography is said to be a subcategory of photography involving the documentation of an area's landscape, people, cultures and history. For Kristian Bertel this genre of photography entails shooting a wide variety of subjects under varied available conditions, with low light photography outdoors, available ambient light photography for street photography of people, shooting on the streets where sometimes conditions may be hostile, capturing moments which rarely recur, capturing the magic of light while shooting landscapes.

Waiting for his photographic subjects
The travel photography has led him to some of the cities in India including Mumbai, where the photographer took a portrait of a begging old woman. She was standing with her begging hand ready near a blue wagon. The photographer is used to spend a lot of time waiting for his subjects, so that they turn in the right direction towards his camera. "- I remember I was seeing this old woman just behind the Chhartrapati Shivaji Maharaj terminal in the south of Mumbai, where she in her best effort tried to get something from all the people that walked by her, there was just something in her face that made me want to photograph her", the photographer says.

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An elderly Indian woman is begging in Mumbai, India.

Pictures from his Indian series
A lot of the photographer's recent work has been taken in Mumbai, India. Here he photographed people in the streets and markets. India's rich and multi-layered cultures are dominated by religious and spiritual themes. While it is a mistake to assume that there is a single unified Indian culture, there certainly are unifying themes that link the various cultures. India's cultural heritage is expressed through its myriad of languages in which much great literature and poetry has been written. It can be seen in its music - both in its classical, Carnatic and Hindustani,  forms and in modern Bollywood music. India also has a vast tradition of classical and folk dances. Art and theatre flourish amongst the bustling cities of the country, against the backdrop of the ever expanding western influences.

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Boy sitting in the park of Azad Maidan in Mumbai, India.

Image-maker with photography
His photography also led him to the park of Azad Maidan in Mumbai, where the photo of a young boy below was taken. He was sitting on a pipe in a very messy place filled with garbage. "- It was a great moment to photograph with a colorful scenery", the photographer recalls. Danish photographer Kristian Bertel (b.1980) is recognised as an image-maker and his photography is online a lot of places. This illuminating new series of photos from India will tell the stories of the people living in different communities around India, through Kristian's beautifully arresting, color photography. For further information please:
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